API Reference#


Automated anomaly detection orchestrator.

AutoClusteringModel([name, n_clusters])

Automated clustering orchestrator.


AutoML orchestrator.

AutoTSModel([name, feature_window, ...])

AutoTS orchestrator.


ColumnReduceModel(base_model[, ...])

Column reduction orchestrator.


DataRobot ML Ops deployment.

deploy(model, *args[, target_type, target, ...])

Deploy a model to MLOps.

evaluate(model[, evaluation_data, ...])

Show evaluation metrics and plots for a model.

downsample_spark(spark_df[, ...])

Downsample Spark dataframe for DataRobot.

FeatureDiscoveryModel(base_model[, remove_udfs])

Feature discovery orchestrator.

Model([project_id, model_id])

DataRobot training model.

Relationship(X, keys[, temporal_key, ...])

Secondary dataset relationship definition.

SelfDiscoveryModel(base_model[, feature_windows])

Self-join feature discovery orchestrator.

share(any, emails)

Shares a drx object with other users.

SparkIngestModel(base_model[, dataset_name, ...])

Train on a Spark dataframe.

spark_to_ai_catalog(spark_df, name[, max_rows])

Upload Spark dataframe to AI Catalog.


  • Additional information on how configuration classes can be used in drx can be found here

  • Reference for drx classes used to configure DataRobot can be found here